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2009-06-17 18:26:18 by Djmr

Hao R U?

Im putting up a new audio song now :O

The audio portal is moreof a dumping ground for artist's songs then anything else, compared to the flash portal where submissions are rated fairly and with a greater number of votes. All an artist needs to do to become noticed in the audio portal is to vote 5 as soon as he uploads it, and even then it would get little views. Thing is, I have like 20 good-quality songs, and only 5 on the audio portal. I dont want to submit any more songs until the audio portal gets more coverage, as I feel that they are not getting much useage from being there. I am thinking of compiling an album, with new master recordings, and maybe send it out to record companies as a demo. I might give it one last shot in the next couple of days and see what happens, if nothing does then I'll keep songs for the album instead, as I feel once they've been on the audio portal, they've been heard before.

As for my game programming, I should have something done in febuary. I dont even know what it will be, but all I know is that it will be done by then.